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Here is my experience. My right eye has healed much faster than my left eye. I had my surgery 4+ months ago. My left eye was almost constantly dry and for the first month or more, it felt like I had a grain of sand in it, periodically. Try not to fuss with it when it feels like that. It seems to be a part of the healing process and may be worse in one eye than the other. But, I found that the more I tugged at my eyelashes in my left eye when it felt like a lash or a grain of sand was in it, the worse that feeling got and the longer it lasted. I know it is difficult to resist the urge to fuss with your eye but, do try. Your eyes are like a scab right now. Pick at them and fuss with them, and they will take longer to heal. Now, due to they dryness in my left eye, it was blurry most of the time. Basically, your eyes need an obscene amount of moisture to heal and that moisture helps keep them crystal clear. The doctors will tell you to lubricate 4 - 6 times a day but, my doctor told me to lubricate even when I didn't really feel I needed to because, my left eye looked like the desert even after I had just put drops in. I was putting drops in that eye about every 30 minutes and sometimes even more often than that. One thing that helped me go from having to put drops in my eyes that often to being able to drop them once in the morning when I woke up and once in the evening before I went to bed was Refresh Liquigel. I started using it April 28th and my eyes have been so much better. They still have their moments but, you might give it a shot in case you haven't already. You might see a difference with proper lubrication. I know it is annoying. I experienced what sounds like exactly the same thing. It is very normal for one eye to heal quicker than the other. One eye may have been slightly worse than the other and even if that isn't the case, while our eyes work together, they are 2 separate parts of our bodies. Even before surgery, they had their differences. My doc told me that everyone's vision fluctuates day to day and even hour by hour from eye to eye. Your differences in speed of healing are very normal. Try to relax and know that I had much the same experience. Even today, 4+ months later, my left eye is still fussy and a little irritable right now. And, they both are still very dry in the morning when I wake up. One thing that may help is a humidifier. I spent a week in a very humid environment last week and my eyes felt amazingly better. There were days that I only used my drops to make sure that I didn't have a problem. I think I even missed one day. Try to stay away from fans or air conditioning vents right below, in front of, or above you. They tend to dry you out too.

I hope I was of some comfort and help. I am sorry this was so long but, when I was worried about my results, I felt comforted the more detailed others were.

Take care and don't worry unless the doctor tells you to. Everyone heals differently. I have known people who had absolutely no dryness or discomfort post-op. We are all very different so don't let those who have had wonderful immediate post-op experiences make you think that you are in danger.

Take care and keep in touch.

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