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I have read some stuff that says "If you are over 40 and have Lasik, you will likely need reading glasses afterwards." That never really made sense to me. I'm 23, so I didn't think much about it when I had it done. I had trouble reading for around a week or so afterwards, but after that my vision started to stabilize and my close-up vision returned to normal.

Your doctor will probably be able to answer your question better at one of your follow-ups. To me though, reading glasses would be well worth it to have crisp distance vision.

I had my surgery done about 5 years ago at age 45, most of what you are experiancing is normal. There is a healing process as there is in any surgery. It will take time. You will also see a differance in colors some will be slightly more blurry than others such as red when looking a the computer or monitor screens. And a couple of other things you will need more light to read even with reading glasses, you will see halos around signs and lights at night for awhile. It will take time but most of this will clear up. The reading glasses should have been explained to you when you had your consultation. It is not realy a vision problem because it has to due with the muscles in the eye, and a natural degrading effect. What you have done is become farsighted instead of nearsighted. A far sighted person has to have reading glasses to see up close and the nearsighted person can take the glasses off to see close instead of using bifocals. Also you will catch yourself trying to adjust your glasses for awhile out of habit :)

Just be patient, improvements will come sooner than you may think. :wave:
Thank you. I expected the reading glasses ( it was explained to me prior to LASIK) for close up but not medium distance. Thanks for telling me that it will get better.
There is always swelling in the eye after surgery. It causes several things, one is fluctuation in your vision, others are glare, halos and star burst. The swelling should go down within 2 weeks. Then it is normal for your vision to fluctuate up to 3 months. After that time the Dr. may recommend retreating to further your correction.
I had Lasik with monovision, that is where one eye is corrected for distance and the other for up close. I had already been wearing gas perm. contacts that way and I love it. NO need for reading glasses (well at this point anyway). If you need to be retreated, you might ask your Dr. about monovision.
Good Luck,

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