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Hi. I had Lasik performed on June 2nd at the Georgia Eye Institute. Before surgery, I was -9 in my right eye and -8 in my left eye. Yesterday was my 2 week follow up. With correction, I am now a -2 in each eye. My doctor says that I could still end up plano without the need of an enhancement over the next 3 months. Also, I have some starbursting and halos, which I know are normal, but I find that the halo is only in my right eye and that it is off center, meaning that my halo isn't around the object, but more of a circle to the immediate left of the object/light source. This did not seem to concern my eye doctor in the least. She said all this was normal and that the placement of the halo didn't make any difference. My corneas have healed nicely and she stated that I do not have any swelling. She informed me to use Refresh Plus 4 times a day, as I was using Systane about once an hour. She said that was way too much. I am confused, as from reading here, most people found relief using an increase of rewetting drops. Also, I'm an idiot because I was wetting a Q-tip with Saline SOLUTION to clean around my eyes. I figured it was 'safe' since some would get in your eyes when wearing contacts. Thank God through this sight I learned that I need to find regular saline. Any feedback on what I am experiencing would be very appreciated.
The halo seeimg to be in a different position could just be that one eye is drier than the other. My left eye is much drier than my right and has been from the start. I find that I see better when my eyes are well lubricated. I switched from the Systane to Refresh Liquigel and I couldn't believe the difference. I was able to maintain moisture in my eyes from one drop in the morning to a drop before bed time. I went from putting drops in my eyes about every half an hour and even every 10 minutes to just twice a day. Pretty amazing!
The saline solution is what I was told not to get. You probably stand a better chance at finding the Saline at the pharmacy in your local hospital. Just tell them that you need the stuff that a doctor would use to flush out a flesh wound if they look at you like you are nuts and don't seem to understand what you are asking for. Everyone tried to sell me saline solution until one person asked another who knew the difference between saline and saline solution. Solution is preserved. You want non-preserved and DO NOT get it in your eyes as it will sting like fire. It is easy to keep it out so, don't worry. Just be careful, gentle and use only a little on a cotton ball. As long as you can feel that the cotton ball is slightly damp when you touch it to your lid, that is all you should need. Don't let it drip. If you get too much on the ball, just wring it out with your fingers a little and that should get rid of the excess that could otherwise drip into your eyes.
Just be patient. I have always had haloing before I had my eyes done, so, I don't even know that I know what to look for. But, it is very normal to experience it even up to 6 months or a year post-op. I definitely notice a difference though when I keep my eyes well lubricated.
Good luck and keep in touch!
Hating Glasses, Thank you so much for responding. I am really worried. I am praying my numbers will come down as I heal. I know it CAN happen and I pray for a minimum of 20/25 or else I feel that I made a mistake. I do admit that I see better now uncorrected than I did before surgery. Before, I couldn't even read this screen without glasses/contacts. I was thinking that I should have the surgery, because with my prescription so high, and just getting higher and higher, that this would prevent that. I do use Systane, Refresh Liquidgel, Refresh Plus, and Refresh Tears. I use everything and anything to try and keep my eyes hydrated. I also started 1000 mg of Flax seed oil two times a day. I don't notice much improvement with the bluring, even with the drops. The first week, I was very hopeful, but once the second week started, the off centered curvature took place. All lights have that curve. A halo, to me, isn't that annoying from what I remember with my contacts. This, however, makes everything bend oddly, like someone is drawing a backwards C on everything. I just want this to get better, as I can't have an enhancement, due to not enough cornea tissue left. Thank you for listening and for any insights.

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