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Hi. I had Lasik performed on June 2nd at the Georgia Eye Institute. Before surgery, I was -9 in my right eye and -8 in my left eye. Yesterday was my 2 week follow up. With correction, I am now a -2 in each eye. My doctor says that I could still end up plano without the need of an enhancement over the next 3 months. Also, I have some starbursting and halos, which I know are normal, but I find that the halo is only in my right eye and that it is off center, meaning that my halo isn't around the object, but more of a circle to the immediate left of the object/light source. This did not seem to concern my eye doctor in the least. She said all this was normal and that the placement of the halo didn't make any difference. My corneas have healed nicely and she stated that I do not have any swelling. She informed me to use Refresh Plus 4 times a day, as I was using Systane about once an hour. She said that was way too much. I am confused, as from reading here, most people found relief using an increase of rewetting drops. Also, I'm an idiot because I was wetting a Q-tip with Saline SOLUTION to clean around my eyes. I figured it was 'safe' since some would get in your eyes when wearing contacts. Thank God through this sight I learned that I need to find regular saline. Any feedback on what I am experiencing would be very appreciated.

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