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Elizabeth, Thank you for my guardian angel! I truly believe prayer works, so every little bit helps! How is your eye doing today? The flap lift went perfect, Thank God!!! and all the cells are now cleaned out according to the surgeon and I can't see them in the mirror anymore either. Thank God for that too, because it freaked me out to see them. She said to give it two weeks before we judge anything and she'll do another topography. I'm now back to steriod and antibiotic drops and sleeping with goggles again. How long were you instructed to use the drops post-lasik? I'm praying that the cell removal will indeed clear up the backwards c and then I'll make the decision about an enhancement (with enough corneal thickness) to have both to 20/20, monovision or leaving well enough alone. I know that for my mental health, having the bending light gone will be fantastic! That was something that was not an issue prior to surgery, so having residual refractive error I can deal with, not something new that wasn't going away with refraction. SO...God and time will heal this and I will make my decision from there. Thank you for your prayers!!!! :wave:

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