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Elizabeth, I don't know if we are allowed to post email here, but if you would like my email to chat off board, let me know, OK? Because I understand the frustration. TRUST ME!!! I am glad you are healing. That is a big drop in refraction!!! Makes me hopeful it could happen for me too!!!! I am nervous about the 5th. I am like you, I WANT IT FIXED NOW, but I also don't want to do anything rash. I just expected to have the surgery and be like others, like Laner, and BAM! I can see. Not the case, but, we have time on our side and TIME truly can make it all better. Prayers help too. :) Please take care, keep using your meds. -1.75 IS still blurry, but if you dropped -.75 in 3 weeks, you could lose another -.75 over the next month THEN you should start to notice improvements! Take Care

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