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I was -10.25 in both my right and left eye. I also had slight astigmatism. I didn't go with lasik. I chose to do the PRK surgery instead. My vision after three weeks was 20/25 but was very foggy. It has been about 2 1/2 months. I am now 20/20. My day vision is perfect. I noticed that it improves everyday. I went into this with realistic expectations. I didn't expect an overnight miracle. I honestly believed that I would require an enhancement surgery. I was told that it can take as long as 6 months to achieve my optimum vision. Be positive. It will get better.
It's been about 6 weeks for me now and I'm still very blurry (we'll leave some of my other issues out of this conversation and stick to 'regular' lasik stuff :) ). I think for a few seconds here and there I CAN SEE!, but it never lasts. My surgeon feels I may need an enhancement (since my refraction now is around -1.75), but wants to wait a minimum of 3 months to check my refraction again before moving forward because it CAN get better WITH TIME! So, even though I'm not very positive myself, the two of us can hold in there and hope and pray that it does, indeed, slowly but surely get better and better. I am now using refresh tears. The thicker ones get on my nerves as they stick in my eyelashes. Feel free to ask me whatever and listen to other people who are positive and have had positive really helps!

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