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Hi Tom,
Sorry to hear of your vision troubles. I was curious if you are having any dry eye problems in your left eye. Has the doc mentioned that to you? Apparently your eyes can be dry even if you don't think they feel dry, so maybe that is what is going on with your left eye? Do you still use your lubricating drops often? I am 5 months post-op and still have dry eyes, and it still makes my vision fluctuate occasionally. So, if you have some moments of clear vision and others of not so clear, perhaps it could be the dryness. I would try using your lubricating drops more often (use the single-use preservative free ones if you are using them very often) and see if that helps. Also, when you see your doc next as them if your eyes look dry....they can tell by looking at them through the slit lamp.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your vision!

Michelle :)

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