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My doctor gave me samples of Systene (sp?) and Refresh Plus. He said to use these for 6 months after Lasik which was 3 days ago. I'm running out of samples, he said to buy any drops that are preservative free.

I don't want to buy the wrong ones and I looked at Target. The two brands he gave me are waay expensive. Can I used generic drops or another brand? What did everyone else's doctor say?
Both of the drops you mentioned are for dry eyes. Yes the drops without preservatives are expensive but I think it is a small price to pay for just a few days. I found that only the vials are preservative free. I think I remember that you can switch to something else after the first week. But check with your Dr. to be sure. I hope you are also using two other drops. One for inflamation and the other for infection.
I haven't had much of a problem with the dry eyes but my surgery was only 3 days ago.
Good Luck,
I have Refresh, Bion Tears, and Thera Tears. I've heard many things about the various brands. Find out what works for you. I prefer the angled applicator of Bion Tears. The best prices can be found at Costco or **************. I've had good experiences with many Target brand meds but have not tried their preservative-free tears. The single-use vials are expensive. An alternative is the bottles that say "preservative free once..." it hits eyes or air. The preservative is suppose to break-down into some other natural substance.

Honestly I do not use the drops at all. I do not have trouble with dry eyes even though I live in very dry climate.
My doc told me to use only Refresh Tears, I asked him about cheaper drops, but he said that they were not as good. I guess that you will get what you pay for... personally, I would use whatever your doctor suggests.

Elizabeth ;)
We used Refresh Plus which is about 15$ cdn a box. Not super expensive at all.

Before bed we've been using heavy thick ones before bed time called Genteal.
I had Lasik last year and tried every eye drop there was, my eyes were so dry, they nearly killed me. I found that the Refresh and the Genteal preservative free ones worked best for me. My eye doctor prefers either one of these. Now I use Systane, and that's the only one I will use from now on out. They are thicker and stay in the eye longer than any others. I also have to use eye ointment in my eyes are night time, because I suffer from extremely dry eyes.
try out the different brands and see what you like. your doctor should be able to provide samples of the various brands. most doctor's offices will often get visits from pharmaceutical reps bearing free samples. i got sample size bottles of my lotemax/predforte drops from my doctor.

if drops do not work, talk to your doctor about punctal plugs. i know a few people who had both temporary and permanent plugs inserted.
I had Lasik done on June 25th my eyes were so dry afterwards. I was constantly using the eyedrops I used a whole box of drops already. My girlfriend who had lasik done advised me to use Thera Tears Gel at bedtime. I tried it and I no longer have any problems as far as dry eyes. The Gel keeps it well lubricated throuhout the day.
I had my surgery done January 19th and have suffered from dry eyes. I switched about 2 or 3 months ago to Refresh Liquigel which has cut my need for drops down very dramatically. But, I still need it and my eyes tend to be at their worst when I wake up in the morning. I am interested in trying the Thera Tears Gel you mentioned and am wondering where to find it. Can you give me an idea where you bought it? I would appreciated any suggestions.
Thank you in advance!

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