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helloo everyone!
i was recently told that i would be a candidate for lasik.. i am not easily convinced, so i made an appointment with the surgeon who would actually be doing the lasik in order to make sure.. the only thing is that i am 22 and i feel like my prescription must have changed, mainly b/c i dont see as well with my glasses as i used to.. does this probably mean i cant get lasik yet? thats what i would assume, but i was surprised when the doctor told me it didnt seem to change the fact that i could still go through with the lasik.
i know you guys aren't doctors or anything but i am just looking for some opinions on how vital your doctors seemed to think a stable prescription was because i thought it was one of the main parts of being a candidate. i really want lasik because clearly i hate glasses but i wouldnt want to rush into anything that might not work long-term. thanks for any advice/opinions! :wave:
One of the requirements for my surgery was stable vision. I think that meant that my eyes haven't changed MUCH in the past year. So they will see how well you are seeing with your glasses and then test your vision to see how much it has changed. That will tell them if it is stable. You might want to get your records from your last exam and take it with you.
My correction was L -5.25 and R -5.5 with some astigmatism in both eyes. I wore gas perm. contacts for 25 years and had worn glasses for another 16 years. I hated glasses and had grown tired of contacts. So I had Lasik. I am here to tell you that I am glad that I had the surgery. With out a doubt the best money I have ever spent on my eyes. I did not feel a thing during the surgery and could see well as soon as I got up off the table. You don't see clearly for a few hours but you can see much better. I recommend taking a nap for 3-4 hours. I couldn't sleep that long but I stayed in the bed with my eyes closed for the remainder of that time. The next morning I was seeing 20/25 and was told that I would get to 20/20 and probably better. There is always swelling in the eyes after surgery and your distance vision is a little blury for a week or two. So when the swelling goes down your vision gets better.
Ask the Dr. how many Lasik procedures he has done and what percent of his/her patients have to get an enhancement to get the best vision. My Dr.'s enhancement rate was less than 10%. Which is VERY good. I recommend going to a Dr. that only does Lasik/Prk type procedures and hopefully one that has been doing surgery for a while. My Dr. had done more than 22,000 procedures.
Good Luck,

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