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The Doctor should offer some valium to take just before your surgery. That should help you relax a little.

One thing that you should know so that you don't get freaked out is that while you are having your flap cut, the piece they put over your eye will cover it entirely so that when the flap is being cut, you can't see anything but darkness. Don't worry. Don't get concerned that something is wrong. I found it a little comforting myself because I wasn't able to see the actual tool while it was cutting. You can't really feel anything but pressure. And, you will be slightly blurry when the flap cutter is removed while they are performing the laser part of the surgery. Again, it is normal and just try to relax. They actually gave me a teddy bear to hug while I had mine done. I think if I had more time, I might have hugged the head right off the poor bear. But, it is a very short procedure and will be done almost before you even know it. I know it seems impossible but try to relax. Also, one thing that did help me was to keep watching the procedures through the "fish bowl". I don't know if your doctor's office has a veiwing glass but, if they do, force yourself to watch because the more procedures you watch, the more people you see coming out happy and relieved, the more confident in your doctor's abilities you will become. I know is sounds unlikely. But trust me. I was the biggest wimp about having anything done with or to my eyes. Even when I was a teenager and my Mom was teaching me how to apply eye makeup. I would cringe like no one's business. So, the very thought of the cutting tool and everything involved in the procedure freaked me out. Watching the actual procedures take place was the last thing I would have thought would help me. Even seeing someone else pull their eyelids up used to give me the willies. But, watching the procedures made me miraculously calmer. I guess it kind of forced me to face my fears and get over it.

And, one last thing to know is that while the laser is doing its magic, you may smell a burning oder. Have no fear and just try to ignore it. It too is normal.
Good luck and keep in touch!

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