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Hi, I recently had a consultation for lasik and I'm on birth control pills. The day before my consultation, I got a new perscription for a different brand of birth control but my eye dr. said not to switch close to the surgery because it could affect the healing process of my eyes. I heard that your eyes change shape when on birth control because of the fluid changes in the eyes from the hormones. Now would my eyes change shape that much just by changing brands or is he just covering himself by telling me every rare risk that could happen? I really need to change my bc perscription but I really want lasik as soon as possible too. Has anyone stopped, started, or switched brands of birth control close to the time of their surgery and had anything bad happen with their healing - like not seeing the best that they could be seeing or something worse? I'm supposed to switch BControl brands a week after my scheduled surgery, should I wait to have the surgery until I've been on my new pill for a while or should I just go through with it and hope for the best after I switch? Please help...I'm so nervous about this. Please tell me your experiences with this issue.Thanks so much!

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