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Re: Survey
Aug 6, 2005
#1 what was your prescription before surgery? -9.00 3.50 L -9.00 4.50 R
#2 what made you finally decide to have Lasik? tired of toric contacts and wearing glasses
#3 how many years did you wear glasses/contacts before deciding on surgery? 20 years wearing contacts, 28 wearing glasses
#4 how old were you when you had surgery? 40
#5 how long ago did you have your surgery? 2 months
#6 do you still have the same great results 5+ years out?
#7 what side effects did you notice after surgery? blurry, vision fluctuating, dry eyes, ghost images
#8 what side effects do you still have 3 6 12+ months out?
#9 has anyone had any problems with their flap 6 months or more after surgery?
#10 anything else you can think to add? am getting real tired of eye drops, never used them with contacts, vision 20/20 in left eye now but still have ghost images which throws everything just slightly off, 20/25 in right eye, 2 month checkup is 8/11, some days vision is very good, but still fluctuating nearly two months later.

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