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Re: Survey
Aug 1, 2005
Note: I had an alternative procedure called PRK where instead of the creation of the cornea flap, the entire layer of ephitelium cells were scraped off.

#1 what was your prescription before surgery? -10.25 both eyes

#2 what made you finally decide to have Lasik? Wanted to do it for years but had to wait to advances in technology. I also got $2,400 from my work to help pay for the surgery.

#3 how many years did you wear glasses/contacts before deciding on surgery? 15 years

#4 how old were you when you had surgery? 25

#5 how long ago did you have your surgery? 4 months

#6 do you still have the same great results 5+ years out? N/A

#7 what side effects did you notice after surgery? Because I have high prescription, astigmatism, thin corneas, and extremely large pupils, I still have trouble with halos at night.

#8 what side effects do you still have 3 6 12+ months out? I expect the halos to improve within the year. It has continually improved over the last several months. Because of my procedure, I have a realistic timeframe.

#9 has anyone had any problems with their flap 6 months or more after surgery? I am so glad I decided on PRK instead of lasik. Yes the recovery was a few days longer than lasik but the top layer of my eyes grew back in a matter of days. I didn't have to deal with an eye shield for a month after surgery.

#10 anything else you can think to add? Despite the fact that I was not the ideal candidate, I believe what made all the difference was my dilligent research on the procedure. I spoke with several doctors and did not choose a doctor based on price but rather on my gut instinct. I visited several lasik centers that only cared about the sale. I'm sure many people had excellent results from those centers but with my complicated case, I wanted to make double and triple sure that everything will turn out right. I had my three month post-op appointment last month and I now have 20/20 vision. I was sure I would need an enhancement procedure.

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