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Re: Cremebrulee
Aug 9, 2005
If I remember correctly, Lasek is a procedure where the doctor removes the flap, performs the laser correction and then returns the flap. It is supposed to speed up recovery time. I spoke with my doctor about the procedure. He did not recommend it because the epithelium cells are among the fastest to regenerate.

How long has it been since your surgery? Are you sure you need an enhancement. Most doctor's will not perform enhancements until at least six months after surgery because it takes at least that long for you to achieve your best vision. It has only been about 4 months since my surgery and I notice that my vision improves every single day. I still cannot believe the results considering the fact that I was a poor candidate for laser eye correction. The most I was hoping for was to be able to wear a thin pair of glasses.

Here is my ordeal: I had surgery scheduled for a Thursday morning. In the operating room the doctor instilled several anasthetic drops in my eyes. He used some sort of pen to make marks on my eyes. He instilled even more dropped some alcohol solution down the tube and left it there for 45 seconds. Everything went blurry. He then used a mini scapel and scraped the top layer of my eyes away. Everything got clearer. He then used the laser to correct my vision. It is the exact same laser for lasik patients. The doctor then inserted a clear contact lens. I was able to read the time on the clock when I sat up. The exact same procedure was performed on the other eye.

I left the laser center with my eye shields. I was able to see but it was fuzzy. When I got home, I was not tired at all but I knew that it was best if I went to bed. THe halcion that I took at the laser center helped me fall asleep. I slept for about three hours. I was a sensitive to the lights but other than that I had no other problems. i was waiting for the extreme pain and discomfort that people talked about. Nothing. I didn't want to overwork my eyes so I listened to some audio books that I downloaded from the public library. The following day I was tearing a lot. It kinda felt like I was cutting an onion. I went to a Counting Crows concert that night. I was fine. I went to work on Monday. After work I went for my post-op appointment and the doctor removed the contact lens. He inspected everything and said that the epithelium cells healed really nicely. I only had to wear the eye shield to sleep until the end of the week. I know that with lasik you have to be careful with the flap for at least a month. I continued with my schedule of drops. With PRK I had to use the drops a lot longer than lasik patients.

During the first few weeks I was afraid to drive at night because I still had trouble with halos. At my two-week post-op appointment, my vision was 20/25. I have no trouble at all with dry eyes. I don't even use my artificial tears at all and I am fine. Over the last couple months my vision has gotten extremely crisp and clear. My near vision is also excellent. At my three-month post-op appointment my vision was 20/20. I went into this with realistic expectations. I knew that I was not the ideal lasik candidate and could not expect perfect vision. I did my due dilligence and made sure I found a doctor that I as comfortable with. I knew that it will take at least six months before achieving my best vision. It has only been four months and if it does not improve beyond this, I am still happy.

I hope I answered your question. If you have any more, feel free to ask.
Re: Cremebrulee
Aug 10, 2005
Lasek and PRK are different procedures. My impression is that it is a cross between Lasik and PRK. In Lasik a flap is cut. In PRK the epithelium layers are dissolved and removed enitirely. In Lasek an alcohol solution is used to dissolve the edges of the epithelium and is returned after treatment. For some reason my doctor did not feel that Lasek was an ideal procedure for me. He said that PRK is a great procedure. The reason why doctors and patients prefer Lasik over PRK is the healing time. Lasik patients are fine after the first day. It takes PRK patients about a week to heal. I think Lasik produces immediate results while PRK is slow and progressive. I chose PRK because I was concerned about the long-term results.

There was hazing for the first week or so while the epithelium slowly grew back. The layers grow back in a web pattern eventually forming a solid sheet over the eye. The hazing was not bad and slowly decreased. I was able to drive and read by the fifth day.

Honestly I have almost no side effects at all except for the halos at night but that is attributed to the fact that I have abnormally large pupils.

If you want an enhancement and worried about the cornea thickness, you may want to consider PRK. It may take a while longer to heal but I think a few extra days of discomfort is worth it.

I cannot be any happier with the results. My doctor is absolutely the best.

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