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I had lasik done on Aug 2nd for my left and Aug 4th for my right.
these are my pre-op readings...R: -3.75-0.75 X85....L: -3.50-0.75 X135
I did Wave front lasik

Left eye is 20/20, perfectly clear as the doc checked today. Right eye has has been 13 days since my Right eye is operated on. the reading for R eye today is 20/25...and .75 degrees of astigmatism...

doc told me not to worry...things might get better and right eye condition is fine and it is still fluactuating since it's less than a month...

problem is I cannot stop worrying cos my university term start next week and I think the 0.75 astigmatism will make readin anything an ordeal...

so far I checked...everyone here who has been positive...did not come back to report that their eye's blurrness or astig has there anyone out there who experience such good luck or could share some words of advice.

R eye has being consistently blurred for almost 2 weeks...strong feeling that will not change...pls advice...I know patience is important...but any of you experience perfect vision from blurred vision after 2 weeks without the need for enhancements?

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