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Hello to all the people at this board.
I have been a visiter here since last week when I booked my assesment and next day (if a likely condidate) surgery for Lasik.
My Prescription is -5.25, cyl -100, axis 180. right eye. -5.00, cyl -0.50, axis-165 left eye.
My last test was two years ago, -5.00, cyl-100, axis-5 right eye.
-4.75, cyl-025, axis165 left eye.
I figured my eyes had stoped changing enough for me to finally look into the Lasik option.
I must admit I am not completly knowlagable about the cyl and axis bit of my prescription. Although I do understand the degrees go from 180 back to 0 again. Confused? Me Too!!
Not much has changed except for -.25 for both eyes in two years.
The way I see it is eventually when you get to middle age ( I am 39 )
your eyes slowly stop on the - and head toward the +.
I am going to Accuvision ( ) for my Lasik surgery.
I have read some good reports of the London clinic on this board.
My surgeon will be Dr Chad Rostron.
Anyone with more info on this clinic please let me know.
I also read here about dry eyes.
I too had to stop wearing contacts several years ago because my eyes would dry up when I was out at night. Maybe that was something to do with alcohol intake.
Although the dry eye issue is also a concern of mine.
Has anyone found any ways to ease post op issues?
What healing time can I realistly expect on average?
Looking forward to your comments

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