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I didn't find it difficult to shower. Just remember to be careful. Just keep them tightly shut. Go to your local hospital pharmacy and get a bottle of Saline. Not saline solution. That is different and, you will likely not be able to find pure saline at a grocery store. If you get it from a hospital but, they have a hard time understanding what you are referring to, tell them it is the same stuff that doctors use to flush out flesh wounds. It is simply salt and water. Use that to clean around your eyes for a month. Put it on a cotton ball and just gently rub it over your eyelids and underneath your eyes to clean them. Make sure that you keep your eyes tightly shut when you use it as my pharmacist told me it will burn like nobody's business if you get it in there. It really isn't that difficult to keep it out of your eyes. Just be careful. I think that you are allowed to wear eye makeup one week after your surgery. If memory serves which it usually doesn't...hehehe!

Congrats on your soon to be nuptials! How wonderful that you will be on your honeymoon with new vision! You'll love it!

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