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Hi all! I'm so happy for all you who have had successful surgeries! Hopefully I'll belong to that club in a week. I had my pre-op exam yesterday and they dilated my eyes around 2:30pm and today at 10:30pm they are still dilated and I cannot see completely clearly. Is this normal? When will they return to normal? My surgery is scheduled for Monday morning and now I'm worried that I cannot drive to the town it's being done in. I'm also a little concerned that they did not telll me it's not a good idea to drive after the exam. I could see the road and cars ok but I got a little lost and could not even see my map! How scary....
[QUOTE=shelbi]thanks for the reply. I did finally read somewhere on the internet that when they do the severe dilation, it can last up to 36 hours. My eyes are finally almost normal today so if anyone else has this happen, don't worry too much. I do wish they would have told me that. They seemed very informative about everything else. woo I can't wait!![/QUOTE]

Do you have brown eyes?
My eyes stayed dilated for at least 2 days. I actually called the doctor the day after my appt because I was worried. He asked if I have brown eyes and I do. He said that the stuff that makes your eyes dilated attaches to the pigment, so the more pigment you have, the longer they stay dilated.

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