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Hi all! I'm so happy for all you who have had successful surgeries! Hopefully I'll belong to that club in a week. I had my pre-op exam yesterday and they dilated my eyes around 2:30pm and today at 10:30pm they are still dilated and I cannot see completely clearly. Is this normal? When will they return to normal? My surgery is scheduled for Monday morning and now I'm worried that I cannot drive to the town it's being done in. I'm also a little concerned that they did not telll me it's not a good idea to drive after the exam. I could see the road and cars ok but I got a little lost and could not even see my map! How scary....
i had my eyes dilated around 4:00 PM. I was fine by around 7:00-8:00 PM. Did the doctor tell you how long your eyes will be dilated? It is only supposed to last for a few hours but in young children it can last up to 24 hours.

do not drive yourself to the surgery. although you will be able to see after the surgery. your vision will be hazy. You will also be very sensitive to light. For days after the surgery, I was very sensitive to light. I also could not keep my eyes open for long periods of time. I had to close my eyes to rest them. i tried driving one day and had to rest my eyes several times during the short drive. have someone drive you. it will also give them an opportunity to see the surgery on the television screen.

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