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I relate! I had Lasik surgery performed in March of 2002 (I was 23). My RX before the surgery was -2.50 (left) -1.50 (right). I came out of surgery seeing 20/15 and was so excited! That lasted for maybe one week. I was seeing between 20/30 - 20/40 6 months after.

Now, three years post-op I am back in glasses. -1.00 in both eyes. My night vision still sux. I always wondered if this is normal after Lasik to have such a regression?! My eye doc says yes. I am a healthy person, do not smoke, exercise regularly. The only thing I could possibly think of is herbs and vitamins causing my eyes to return to the way they were. I am bummed because I know contacts are just around the corner again. Lasik was such a tease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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