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I relate! I had Lasik surgery performed in March of 2002 (I was 23). My RX before the surgery was -2.50 (left) -1.50 (right). I came out of surgery seeing 20/15 and was so excited! That lasted for maybe one week. I was seeing between 20/30 - 20/40 6 months after.

Now, three years post-op I am back in glasses. -1.00 in both eyes. My night vision still sux. I always wondered if this is normal after Lasik to have such a regression?! My eye doc says yes. I am a healthy person, do not smoke, exercise regularly. The only thing I could possibly think of is herbs and vitamins causing my eyes to return to the way they were. I am bummed because I know contacts are just around the corner again. Lasik was such a tease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey booyeah, if your only -1 you should be 20/40 if not better and able to do everything including drive without glasses. You can always get an enhancement. If you do so, maybe wavefront prk? Many people experience regression, some after years. Your eyes would have gotten worse anyway with or without lasik. -1 really is a very mild pescription, my brother is that with mild astigmastim and almost never wears glasses. Lasik has worked for millions. Not everyone ends up with perfect vision at any time period. The lasik ADs I read say "an option to reduce your dependancy on glasses* they never at any time claim perfect vision. Many do get perfect vision however but everyone becomes alot less dependant on glasses, exactly the objective lasik was designed to do!

You could also leave your -1 pescription alone so you dont end up needing reading glasses in middle age. I am -5 and half blind without glasses. Everything more than 9" becomes blurry so I only read and eat without glasses(and shower and sleep but thats obvious lol) I would LOOOOOOVE to be a -1 again! That was my first glasses pescription back at 12 and there was hardly any blur! When/if I get lasik, my goal is to have 20/100 vision or better, correctable to 20/25 or better. I also dont want to be overcorrected or experience other adverse effects. I dont mind some undercorrection because of the presbyopia issue plus I do alot of computer work

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