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I was supposed to have my Lasik yesterday at LasikPlus. When checking in, I told them that I did not want to do the Lifetime Acuity Plan. The woman checking me in asked "why not", then, in a huff, she lectured me on how I wasn't saving much money. It wasn't about the money, I just don't think I needed it.

Then, I asked to speak with the Dr. before finally deciding on Flying Spot vs. Wavefront, I also had some concerns about dry eyes and cornea thickness. She wouldn't let me speak with the Dr. who would be doing my surgery, but sent over one of the staff Docs who didn't really answer my questions.

Finally, I got to speak with the actual Lasik Doc and he answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. So, I was on the Lasik table, something to take the edge off, eye numb, other eye patched waiting...waiting...waiting. Then they sent me back out to the waiting room because the "numbers aren't checking out". So I waited for about 1/2 hour while they were all under the machine, over the machine, changing this, changing that, then they came out and told me that they "can't do it today" and I'll have to reschedule.

I did not have a good feeling about going with them at that point and told them that I wasn't going to reschedule. Then the hardsell tactics came out...they said the could do it anytime I wanted. I explained that I'd already wasted a vacation day, this is my last 3 day weekend of the year, and I didn't know when I could arrange another PTO day, so they said, "we can do it after work and you could go to work the next day". I'm not comfortable with that since do Web design work and need to be in front of a computer, but they didn't really care about how I felt.

I finally got them to refund my money, except that they were vague about how and when I'll see my initial $50 deposit. I asked them to refund the $50 for my drops and they told me that they couldn't because I didn't have my receipt with me. Finally the Center Director told them to refund the money for the drops, which they did, but not without complaining that I'd cleaned out their petty cash.

LasikPlus' Docs may be great, but their business practices are questionable at best and right now I'm questioning whether or not I'm even a good candidate for this surgery. I wonder if a non-commission based practice would recommend me for the procedure. Right now I'm grateful to have been saved from their operating table and I'll be getting a second and maybe third opinion before going forward again.

It seems that others have had good luck with this company, but I haven't, and wanted to share my experience in hopes that it might help others make an informed decision.
That sucks you had such a bad experience. What state do you live in? I had my LASIK done at LasikPlus and had no problems. The only thing I didn't like is that it's a "get 'em in, get 'em out" type an assembly line. But from talking to other people, it's like this at most LASIK places.
your lasik experience does not have to be like this. believe me i visted several lasik centers, lasik surgeons, and eye specialists. i went to icon laser, lasik vision institute, TLC, 20/20 institute, etc. In the end I found two doctor's i was confortable with . the colorado laser surgeons center and levinson eye clinic. colorado laser surgeons told me that i should wait a little longer until the techonology improves more because of the potential risks. dr. levinson was honest with me and gave me realistic expectations. i was never pressured to put a deposit down or schedule an appointment. most places told me i only had to be out of my contacts for 1 week when they knew that i sleep with my contacts in. dr. levinson had me wear glasses for four weeks before performing the procedure. his staff was very courteous.

the other centers were a lot cheaper - ranging from 800 to 2,200 for both eyes. Dr. levinson said he is not the cheapest, but he prices were very reasonable. i ended paying 3,050.00 after the 15% referral discount.

i'm glad you decided to cancel the surgery once you felt uncomfortable about the treatment. your eyes are precious. take care of them and when you are gonna put their care in someone else's hands, be sure that they use the same kind of care that you would you.

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