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I use the TheraTears preservative-free drops during the day. I usually just keep some in my pocket and put them in while I'm in the bathroom. I went into work this a.m., but they sent me home (I have a sinus infection), and before I left I stopped by the bathroom. I know it's sooo dry in there because my eyes were already red! Yesterday I had off and was looking in the mirror and noticed how white and clear my eyes were. Then after 15 minutes in the hospital...they were all red.

I have noticed some improvement in my eyesight, which I'm glad about. I've consistently had 20/15 vision since the day after the surgery, but I've noticed that one eye will always be clearer than the other. And I've had some ghosting. Well, over the last week I notice that my eyes are pretty equal now in clarity, and the ghosting is less. I even think the starbursts are improving! So there is hope. But like you, I'm getting frustrated by the dryness. I wish my doc had told me this could be such a problem. I know so many people who've had Lasik, and none of them have had the problems I'm having.

Anyway, hope you have a good day!

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