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Ask many questions at the consultation. Go to several doctors. You will find that certain centers will send their sales consultants to meet you and never the actual surgeon. You don't meet the surgeon until the day of the surgery. My doctor talked to me for over an hour prior to the surgery. He greeted me by name before the surgery. He is the one who provides all teh post-op care. Go with your gut feeling. It may cost several hundred dollars more but in the long run, you are better off.

Have realistic expectations. Most people go into this expecting to walk out with perfect vision. Laser eye surgery is great but it not an overnight miracle.

My work puts $2,400 each year into a section 125 cafeteria plan that i can use to pay for any health related expenses such as doctor visit and prescription copays, orthodontia, glasses, over-the-counter drugs. i used the money to help pay for the surgery.

i know a lot of people have trouble with dry eyes. i live is one of the driest climates in the U.S. I sleep with a humidifier on at night. But I have never had trouble with dry eyes. There are several options for you. Temporary and permanent punctal plugs, preservative-free drops...

My prescription was very high. -10.25 in both eyes. I slept in my contacts every night. I only took them out to change them every two weeks. My doctor said that my eyes were growing blood vessels because they were so starved of oxygen. I was at a point where any improvement was a welcomed improvement. Even if I had to still wear glasses, at least i would be able to wear cuter glasses. i am thankful that i now have perfect vision. it is a little ironic because i was probably the worse lasik candidate. at every consultation, the technician would walk into the room with a disappointing look. a center here in denver heavily advertise their 20/20 or its free guarantee. they would not offer that guarantee to me. i seem to have lucked out because for the first time in a long time, i have perfect vision.

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