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I had the procedure done about six months. I am extremely happy. I probably win the prize for being the most blind of all. -10.25 in both eyes with slight astigmatism. I didn't had PRK instead of lasik because of thin corneas, large 9mm pupils. I am not 20/20 with no enhancement.
:D I had PRK on September 7, 2005. I was given the option of having Lasik or PRK but because of thinner cornea's and doing research, I wanted PRK.
I got consultations from the two largest clinics in my city and they would only consider Lasik and both told me that I was not a candidate for PRK, hence, they did not touch my eyes. I found a clinic 5000 km away with the right answers, so I flew out for a consultation and had the procedure a few days later. I am happier than a pig in s___!!!! I had a pretty easy healing time as well as visual improvements. My script was almost 100% astigmatism, and obviously everybodies eyes are different with different scripts. You have to do your research and find a surgeon you can trust and be comfortable with. Do not settle for the biggest and the most expensive if you feel that they are not right. Get multiple opinions and even a few consultation. Call around to ask opinions on lasers. My surgeon worked with the Allegratto laser but went back to the Bausch and Lomb Z100 because he found better results and was more comfortable with that machine.

Good Luck with your choices!

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