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Hi Ladymoon,

I had my lasik surgery almost 3 months ago and I am having a lot of problems with dryness and I think with my oil glands. I think that I may have had MGD or something similar before my surgery and didn't realize it. Since you have been through some of this I am hoping that you can give me some advice -

I've noticed that I have little white spots (almost like tiny little bumps) on the ouside edge of my eyelids (on the top, behind my lashes, mainly). I think that I've had these for a while, but I always just thought they were a contact lense or allergy problem. My doctor never mentioned them and they didn't bother me so I didn't pay them any attention. I now think that they are my MEIBOMIAN GLANDS and they are stopped up. If a doctor noticed that, why wouldn't he tell me? If these are stopped up does that mean that I have MGD and will I ever get rid of it? A doctor about two months ago told me that I have Blepharitis, is that the same as MGD? I don't really have any crusty stuff on my lashes, just the little white bumps and lots of eye irritation!

I never really had any trouble with all of this before lasik, I'm wondering if it will ever feel better! Right now I'm doing warm compresses and eyelid scrubs in the mornings. How does your doctor want you to treat you MGD now that you've had lasik?

Thanks for any advice - I hope that your eyes are still feeling great!!

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