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[QUOTE=neoorbs]14 days post op.had both eyes Lasik'ed.left was a -2.75 right was a -4.50 with some astigmatism in r/eye.Left eye was great from day 2 with 90% stability at 20/15.r/eye had the usual daily blurriness but around 20/20 when it was clear.Never had red eye or dryness problems after day 1.Each day the right eye had longer periods of clarity.On day 12 I had a great day of 95% clarity/non-blurry vision in both eyes.On day 13 the r/eye dropped back to mostly blurry for 60-70% of the day.Very unnerving and almost depressing.Interested in others experience with regression during the post op time.[/QUOTE]

I am having some vision fluctuations also. I have been told that this is very normal and could go on for weeks or months before it finally settles down.

One of my relatives had Lasik last year and she said her vision had fluctuated for a few months and finally stabalized. She is now seeing 20/20 and loving it.

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