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Day 26 thru 33 were mostly left eye great and r.eye variable with some ghosting.I think that I figured out that I have a dry eye problem without the redness or grittiness,Sooo....I started back with frequent dosing of Systane and Refresh Liquigel for overnight for the past several days.Today,day 34,awoke to perfect distance and midrange vision.Will it last?Don't know.but I am relieved that all I had suspected..possible striae,return of astigmatism,solar radiation :)(just kidding) were all not true.I guess the point of this post is that if you are discouraged just have some patience and it does get better.
lubricate,lubricate,lubricate...where have I heard that before?Thanx L.L. :jester:
Just a follwup post.Still in and out on the right eye.Day 35 and again on day 49 I had an excellent day followed by a not so good day.Night vision has steadily improved.Seems to be about every 12 days.On day 44 I was watching a movie and my r/eye teared up.What a relief.Happened again several times over the next couple of days,then dry again.I think it could mean that the nerves are regenerating themselves slowly from the flap incision.

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