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I searched forever before someone told me about this site - I feel much better after reading all the posts here, I really wanted to hear from people who had had the procedure, not just sites trying to sell the surgery and telling you how safe it is. What really scared me was the release form I have to sign before they do the procedure - it listed SO many possible problems that it really terrified me. After reading all the posts here, it seems that most of the possible complications are rare.

It also sounds as if Lasek has less post-op complications thans Lasik; is this true? Of course, if my epithilials don't cooperate, I will wind up with a PRK! How comfortable/uncomfortable did anyone find the "bandage contavt lenses" to be? How long did you have to wear them? Do you leave them in 24/7 or take them out daily? I'm sketchy on what to expect post-op.

U leave the contact lenses on for 3 days I think. I had PRK in 2000, once the anesthetics wear off, it feels like u got sand in your eyes for about one day. Basically u just lie in bed and do nothing for a day. It gradually gets better. Its not excrutiating pain, but an irritating kind of pain, if u know what i mean.
first of all i just want to wish you luck. you must be extremely excited. i had prk back in april. before deciding to go with prk, i discussed lasik, lasek, and prk with various surgeons. with lasek the doctor removes the epithelium and then replaces it after the eyes are corrected with the laser. it is sort of a middle ground between lasik and prk. my doctor said that he had gone to several conferences about lasek and frankly did not see the real benefit to removing and repositioning the epithelium since it regenerates so quickly. i had surgery on a thursday and the bandage contact lens was removed on monday. you leave the lens in. i didn't feel them at all. i checked periodically to make sure they were still in.

the recovery time for prk is a little longer than lasik but it wasn't a big deal for me. i downloaded several audio books from the library to help me pass time. i also bought a bottle of tylenol pm to help me fall asleep at night. the post-op wasn't unbearable. just annoying. i teared a lot. on the second day my friends got tickets to a counting crows concert. i went. everyone came up to me to see if i was okay because it appeared as if i was crying. i had to explain that i was okay. a guy didn't break my heart. i just had eye surgery.

a week after surgery i was still wearing the eye shields to bed. i woke up one night and noticed that my right hand had lifted the shields and my left hand was rubbing my eyes. i freaked out. fortunately it is okay to rub your eyes about a week after surgery because the epithelium has already grown back. with lasik you have to wear the eye shields for a month because rubbing can dislodge the cornea flap.

on a side note: my stats before surgery.
- -10.25 in both eyes
- slight astigmatism
- thin corneas
- large (9mm) pupils

three months after surgery my vision is 20/20
That 20/20 is very nice comming from more than -10 diopters and huge 9mm pupils :) anyway let me give my comments: The best chance to be happy about lasik is have relistic expectations. Alot of people come in expecting 20/20 and get disapointed when they dont end up exactly that. Theres enhancement but thats more risks and more surgury. Also they dont like to enhance less than -1 diopters residual myopia for fear of overcorrection plus its not worth the risks. Then theres the issue of night vision especially if you got large pupils and didnt get wavefront lasik. I remember about 10 years ago my ear doctor got prk to rid herself of her irritating contacts. She ended up 20/15 ou in the day and in bright light but at night when her pupils dilate shes 20/30 but still shes happy. Some people still need glasses for nightime, driving or reading after lasik so keep this in mind
Thanks to all - I feel much more relaxed after having heard from people who have had the surgery; i thought my vision was incredibly bad but it's not nearly as bad a some of the people's I've read about here - I am 20/300 in my left eye and about 20/80 in my right eye (I think). I was worried that my lasek might turn out to be a PRK, but now I see it really isn't a big deal if it does. I will let you know how I make out - *** soon as I can use the computer again!
I wish you good luck on your surgery. I had mine done in March and thank God for creating this procedure. I have been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old. My vision was so bad that you had to put your hand or whatever you wanted me to see right in my eyes so I could see. Now I have 20/20 vision. The whole procedure takes about 14mins. They put drops in your eyes to numb them and then do the whole surgery on each eye which takes about 7 minutes. A nurese is in there talking to you about what is going on the whole time. Afterwards your feel like your underwater with your eyes but everything will clear up the next day. So when you come home basically just sleep, wake up take the drops then go back to sleep. I wish you luck.

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