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I searched forever before someone told me about this site - I feel much better after reading all the posts here, I really wanted to hear from people who had had the procedure, not just sites trying to sell the surgery and telling you how safe it is. What really scared me was the release form I have to sign before they do the procedure - it listed SO many possible problems that it really terrified me. After reading all the posts here, it seems that most of the possible complications are rare.

It also sounds as if Lasek has less post-op complications thans Lasik; is this true? Of course, if my epithilials don't cooperate, I will wind up with a PRK! How comfortable/uncomfortable did anyone find the "bandage contavt lenses" to be? How long did you have to wear them? Do you leave them in 24/7 or take them out daily? I'm sketchy on what to expect post-op.

Thanks to all - I feel much more relaxed after having heard from people who have had the surgery; i thought my vision was incredibly bad but it's not nearly as bad a some of the people's I've read about here - I am 20/300 in my left eye and about 20/80 in my right eye (I think). I was worried that my lasek might turn out to be a PRK, but now I see it really isn't a big deal if it does. I will let you know how I make out - *** soon as I can use the computer again!

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