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I just had LASIK done four days ago. My prescription was -4.25 and -3.75 with some astigmatism. I had the wavefront correction done. The procedure went smoothly.

The next day I was tested and told that I had really great vision...almost 20/15. I found that hard to believe since I could only pick out about three letters on the eye chart on the 20/15 line.

Most of the letters were really fuzzy and I was guessing on some. How can they say you have 20/20 or 20/15 vision when everything is still blurry the day after surgery? Does anyone know? What are they going by? Is it the fact that you can figure out what some of the letters are even if you can't see them clearly? :confused:

Also, does anyone know why you have the blurriness afterwards? I would assume it's because the flap isnt yet lying completely flat against the underlying corneal tissue.

The blurriness is annoying and I admit I'm a little impatient with it. Hope it clears up soon. It's annoying not to be able to see things completely crisp yet! Overall I'm glad I did it, but just hoping the blurriness doesn't mean I was undercorrected!! :eek:


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