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All went well! I was very happy with my doctor who really helped to keep me calm and prepared for every step of the procedure. I really had no pain during the surgery at all and if anything the way I described it was that it was very interesting to "watch". I didn't take any medication until after the surgery (at which time I just took Tylenol PM) so for the 2 hours right after the surgery I had some burning and a little bit of a stabbing pain along with excessive tearing, but after I rested my eyes for an hour or so I felt great! My 1 day post-op vision was 20/15 which is just amazing. I have no pain, minimal dryness (only using drops 4-6x/day right now and that has been sufficient), and can see everything! I still have some distortion around lights at night but it is no worse than pre-LASIK and my doctor feels that will only improve with time. I would say the biggest pain for me has been trying to sleep - I am sleeping on my back to avoid putting pressure on my eyes and I have a neck injury from 1 year ago that makes it hard to sleep on my back, but that really is the worst of it. It's funny, the biggest thing I've noticed is that my eyes look clearer to me. I've had glasses/contacts for as long as I can remember so I guess I've never really seen my eyes clearly - either they had glass/plastic in front of them or they were blurry! So it's great! I had a lot of questions and nervousness before the surgery and found a lot of answers on these boards so if anyone considering having the surgery has questions feel free to ask!

Erica :)

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