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Hi Proteus!

I had lasik 4 months ago, and have found this board very encouraging also. I'm still suffering from lasik enduced dry eyes, so I certainly understand your frustration with the recovery period! I don't recall using the same drops that you mentioned after my surgery, but I was using two and they were probably the same types of things. I am not sure if the burning you are experiencing could be a problem, but I would definitely give your doctor a call and have them check you out.

A few days after my surgery, my left eye burned after putting in the drops, and when I called to ask if this was normal, they said that I should probably come in and have him take a look. For me everything was OK, but it made me feel better just to find out. After all, we are talking about our eyes here, so you can never be too careful! Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

Michelle :)

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