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Hi everyone!

I had lasik 4 months ago and have noticed some floaters since. I was wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences. They don't bother me all the time, but I work in an office bldg. with alot of white walls and sometimes they drive me nuts! I'm not sure if they have anything to do with the lasik though? To be quite honest, I only started noticing them about a month ago, and it just happened to be right after I read something about them!

I'm still having alot of issues with dry eye, so I've been paying EXTRA close attention to my eyes. I almost think that maybe the floaters have always been there, as I read they can be common, and I'm only noticing them now because I'm obsessing over my eyes???!!! However, if they had been around before my surgery, I'm not sure how some days I could have missed them since they can be quite annoying at times! Anyway, just thought I would see if anyone else has had any problems with floaters due to their lasik. Thanks for any responses!

SDV I had some noticeable floaters the first week or so but they have subsided somewhat.I can see them if I concentrate in a bright room or outside in sunny areas.
I saw that you are 4 months post op.I was wondering how your vision has changed in that time.First month vs.2 vs. 4th month.My R.eye still has long periods of fuzziness or double image/ghosting daily but also has periods of clarity.Seems to be related to dryness.I had my 1 month checkup yesterday and the Dr.was not concerned about it at all.Did you have any similar experiences with vision fluctuation?
Hi Neorbs!

Thanks for your response! My vision still does fluctuate, but I didnt' really have any problems with double image/ghosting. For the first month I had some issues in my left eye with cloudiness or fuzziness around lights and windows and stuff. That cleared up around 5 weeks I think.

One week post-op I was 20/20 in my right and 20/15 in my left. Unfortunately, my left eye regressed a bit during the second month. I think the worse it has been though is around 20/30. Even at 4 months, my vision still fluctuates daily, and it is definitely due to my dryness issues. It sounds like that is probably your problem too if you do have periods of clarity, so I would suggest using your lubricating drops more often!

On days when my eyes are moist, my vision is crystal clear, but on days when they are dry I swear it can fluctuate from hour to hour! So, try to be patient with the fluctuations, and remember to keep your eyes moist! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Michelle :)
Hi Michelle!!
Good to see you over here! I've posted here in the lasik section a lot more than in the Eye and Vision Section. I asked a similar question about floaters a while back.

I know that I had some floaters before my lasik surgery but I didn't notice them that much. I do think that I have a lot more of them following my lasik surgery. They really bother me outside in the bright light and at home if I'm looking at white walls, etc. I asked my doctor at lasik plus about them, but just got the brush off... he said that everyone has them, they are common,.... I was worried for a while that something might be wrong with my retinas, but now I just try to ignore the little boogers and not think about them.

Hi Missy!

Yes, I finally decided to check it out over here. I read a little of your dry eye post, and see that there are others out here with the same problem :(. Sorry you are having the floater issue too. I was hoping it had nothing to do with the lasik, but perhaps it does. I really can't say I remember noticing them before. And they are real obvious now when I look at my computer screen which is quite annoying. Oh well, they don't effect my vision, so I'm sure it is something that I will get used to. I just hope they dont' get worse. I'm gonna bring it up to the new doc next week and see what he says. Talk to you later.

Michelle :)

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