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Whew! Ok! Here is what I know! I am 10 months (nearly 11) post-op. From what I know, it can take as long as 18 months for your eyes to totally heal from the surgery. If you are seeing blurry, that is normal. I saw blurry most hours of the day for the first 3 months post-op. Then, they were blurry on and off throughout the day. Use your drops at least once an hour. That may help with the blurry/fuzziness. Your eyes can be dry and you won't even feel it. So, make sure to use those preservative free drops. But, keep in mind, the drops that tend to stay on the surface of the eye like Endura and the gels can actually cause more irritation so, try to get a nice smooth drop like Systane. But, again make sure that it is preservative free. Be patient. Rome was not built in a day and your eyes will not heal in a day either. It is out patient but still considered major surgery. You are till pretty early on in your healing. See a good regular eye doc and have him or her look deep into your eyes back and forth from corner to corner over and over with a blue light...not sure what the light is called but, one of them should be blue and it should be attached to a machine which you will rest your chin and forehead on. The more throrough the exam of your eye, the better the doc. You shouldn't be rushed. And he or she should take notes, ask your questions, and take the time to listen to your symptoms and answer any questions you might have. Don't take any flack from your lasik doc about seeing a reg doc. You are supposed to within a year of your surgery anyway to get your new vision on record so that if your vision regresses, it is in writing. They don't have any right to give you static about seeing a reg doc. My lasik place actually told me to get my new vision on record with a reg eye doc after my 6 month post-op lasik anniversary. For your lasik doc to harrass you about seeing a reg doc says something shady to me.

Try to be patient! I know that is easier said than done. But, you don't heal from a broken bone all that quickly either. Your body has tons of other stuff it goes through every day to keep you running in tip top shape and it has to redirect some of its attention when it has to heal something like your eyes so, it all takes time.

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