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Am I being a Baby?
Nov 1, 2005
Hi Guys...

I had Custom Lasik done in June. I was nearsighted (I don't know what my eyes were before surgery). I wore glasses all my life...

Anyways... I can see.. it's great.. BUT... It's still fuzzy when I look in the distance. Like some others said on this board when I read the eye chart I can read it.. I'm 34 years old I know what the letters are but they are blurry and when I try to say that to the person they blow me off saying my vision is fine. They actaully try to make me feel bad when I bring up that I have trouble seeing street signs while driving or seeing my son's face across the gym during a play or something... Like I should be jumping for joy that I can see at all without my glasses. And I am.. But... I also paid alot of money that I didn't have to have this surgery and in my mind.. I don't see 100% clearly. When I had my glasses I didn't have these problems.. And I know they are small problems... So am I just being a baby?

My right eye is almost perfect but my left eye still has a small perscription in it. I went to my regular eye doc for a second opinion b/c he sees people who get Lasik done from a different place and he told me that if I wasn't happy that I would need to get it redone. He's the one who told me I still had a perscription and that it sould get alittle better but not 20/20.

The main issues I am having at the Lasik place is that every time I go I see a differnet Doc and each one says a different thing. It wasn't until I mentioned that I saw my red eye Doc and that I wasn't 100% happy did they start even looking at the possibilty that I might have to have it redone but they made rude comments about me going for a second opinion and they finally said at my last visit that they agreed that I might have to have it redone but that I needed to wait at least 6 months anyways so I just had to be paient. That's fine but I just went back this weke and saw yet another Doc who said my eyes wrere perfect and that the Lasik Doc wouldn't even consider me for a redo b/c my eyes are so great. I was fuming!

It's not like I'm dying to have this redone... It actually grossed me out and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to have it redone but I hate how I see someone different each time and they say something different each time I go. This one yesterday said that they like to do any redos between 3 to 6 months.. The other woman said after 6 months.. They work for the same place?!?!

Soooo.. I talked to my reg eye doc againa dn he's trying not to get in the middle of me and this co but he told me yesterday that I needed to call and ask to see the Doc that actually did my eyes and have a long talk w/ him.

It just kills me that I spent all this money and I am squinting to look at street signs or look at things down a store isle and I walked out of there yesterday w/ a perscription for glasses which I know she only gave me when I kinda freaked out saying I couldn't get it redone b/c my eyes were so perfect.

Yes I can see... But it is fuzzy in the distance, I have to be right up on the street sign to see what it says... so in my mind I need to redo it. I'm I just being a baby?


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