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HI, I have a few questions I am hoping you guys can help me with! I am really considering getting the lasik surgery.I saw the doctor today for my first evaluation and he says I am a good canidate. However, I am concerned with the risks concerning pregnancy.I would like to continue trying to conceive right after the procedure.I have heard I need to wait six doctor says this is old information and I don't need to wait.Has anyone had the surgery done and then became pregnant shortly after?Did you have problems?Should I wait until after I have a baby? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks! :)
Hi lbp!

First of all, let me say, I am certainly not an expert on lasik and pregnancy. I've never even been pregnant, but I did have lasik 4 and a half months ago, so I figured I'd give my 2 cents. I am still suffering from dry eyes after my lasik, and in my internet searches to try to get answers about it, I have come across many boards like this (some where you actually ask lasik doctors), and have seen your exact question before. From what I've seen, the suggestion from doctors has always been that a woman should wait until atleast 6 months after her surgery to get pregnant. So, not all doctors may agree with your doctor. From reading up on dry eyes, I have found that women (in general...nothing to do with lasik) have more problems with dry eyes due to hormone changes (pregnancy, menopause, menstration, etc.). So, I think this may be one of the reasons that some doctors suggest it might not be good to combine pregnancy and lasik. Since temporary dry eyes is very common during the healing period it may not be the best idea to mix that with a hormonal change like pregnancy. Anyway, that is just what I have learned from looking around, so I thought I would share.

Also, I would suggest to anyone thinking about having the procedure to make sure you have a VERY thorough consultation, including tests for pre-op dry eyes. I think my eyes were slightly dry before the surgery, but I didn't realize it, and they did not do any tests to detect it. I feel that is why I am still dealing with dry eyes so long after my surgery!

Anyway, back to the pregnancy thing, I think that if you have any concerns (and I think that you must since you are out here asking!), maybe it is the best idea to be safe and wait! Maybe getting a second opinion from another surgeon about the pregnancy issue would be helpful. Good luck (with the pregnancy and the lasik! :))

Michelle :)
Hi lbp,

I agree with everything that Michelle said. I've also read many websites and doctor's reports that suggested waiting at least six months before having lasik. You do not want to take the chance of making dry eye problems worse! Trust me! I am also dealing with dry eyes four months after my surgery and they have been horrible.

This is just my two cents.... I hope it helps! :)

Hi Ibp,

I'm glad that we could help! I really do think that you are making the right decision with waiting. It is hard to make your decision based on other peoples situations, because it is impossible to know how YOUR body is going to react. My twin sister had lasik a few years ago and didn't have any problems after the first month, so even though I was nervous about my surgery I thought everything would be fine with me too.....unfortunately I was wrong! So, you never know what could happen. I really think it is better to be safe than sorry. It would be awful to have to add unnecessary stress (over your eyes) to your pregnancy! Good luck with everything!

Michelle :)
The only thing I can tell you about pregnancy and eyes is that my sister wore contacts before she ever got pregnant but, once she was pregnant, she couldn't wear her contacts anymore because somehow, a woman's eyes actually change shape while they are prego. So, her contacts didn't fit anymore. Being preggo didn't change her vision any. Just the shape of her cornea or pupil...can't remember which for sure. Anyway, since then, she hasn't been able to wear those contacts. Not that she can't wear any contacts. Just not those from before her pregnancies. Which, she shouldn't anyway because they are over 11 years old. Anyway, I don't know that that helps you any. But, since the shape of your eye may change during pregnancy, you might either get pregnant before the surgery and wait for a few months after you give birth to get the surgery. Or, do what the docs say and wait six months after surgery to get pregnant.

Wow...I really feel like I just talked you inside a circle! Heheheh! Sorry if I was no help at all. I can only tell you what I know second hand from my sister! Hehehe!

Good luck with your decision!

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