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Thank you so much for your quick reply. I am so torn on what to do with the lasik. With the pregnancy thing, I am confused because I heard if U have lasik & then get pregnant shortly after you can have regression. :eek: I certainly don't want that since I am so nervous to begin with. I don't want to have to do enhancements. I am reading so much about the dry eye problem too. Has it been bad the whole 4 months after for you? Did you wear contacts before or just glasses? I can wear my contacts but I hate my glasses!I was so excited but after reading some things online, I'm not so sure. :confused: Thanks for your help!
Hi Ibp!

Sorry if I scared you with the whole dry eyes thing! I wore contacts alot in the past, but the last few years I pretty much just wore my glasses since my contacts bothered me. I would just put contacts in for outdoor activities, sports, etc. The dry eye thing wasn't so bad at first for me, but really kicked in around 1.5 months. Since then it has been very cyclical...good week, then a bad week, etc. It really is a pain though, and very scary to think that it could take years to go away, or maybe never go away! It seems like everything can add to the dryness though. I have read to stop taking ALL medications that I was on (birth control and anithistamines for allergies), since they may dry your eyes out, I am being very careful what I put into my body to make sure nothing makes them worse!! So, if my body was changing without my control, like being pregnant, who knows what would happen! I know that your glasses are annoying, but I ASSURE you that dry eye is more annoying, atleast for me. As for the regression, I am not sure if that could happen during pregnancy, but it certainly sounds feasible. I guess the only info. that really caught my attention was the dry eye stuff since that is what I'm dealing with.

If you are scared, I really would suggest that you wait. There are just too many changes to your body during pregnancy, and it is really hard to say how it might effect your eyes. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Michelle :)
Thanks again. I am just really confused as what to do. I think I should just wait since I am having such doubt. :confused: Its just that I had my evaluation already and I was so close. But I have read so many different things regarding pregnancy.Some doctors say 6 months, some say 3 and some people have had regression, some have not.My doc said I could try yo get pg right away?????So you see where I am with this.The dry eye thing scares me too because I have allergies in the spring and take alot of allergy meds! I think this is something I should deal with after pregnancy. Missy, thanks for your input, I think you guys are right! Hope u both feel better soon!Dry eye is a miserable thing! :rolleyes:
Thanks~I appreciate the post. I think I am going to wait just to be safe! I have read a few things where women have had regression when they got pg. or afterwards. So I think to be on the safe side, I'll wait!Thanks so much! PS~I hate glasses too!LOL

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