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my pre-op eyesight was -7 or 20/400! on both eyes,(very nearsighted) immediately after surgery i was 20/20 in left eye, and 20/15 in right, no complications at all ever so far as far as pain or any type of discomfort, the discomfort was only like for a day, i had the feeling of a hair in my eyes, but that quickly went away, my ONLY complaint is the glare , i still get it, i was told that its cuz of my pupil size ( too large or something), and they couldnt do the customVue or wavefront i forget which one, which is supposedly the best for helping with night vision, or vision in darkened environments but your sight had to be from -6 and up, not -7, i still get the damn starburst, gleam from lights in darkened area, even get a slight ghosting from tv which is annoying at times, like for instance saying movie credit with a black background...the white credits get a bleeding effect, a ghosting effect, turning on the lights help make the effect sort of just go away or be at a minimum, but i like watching movie with all lights off!! lol, does anyone have ANY advice, are there safe eye drops that might help with this , or is it even possible to " go under again " ( although i should greatly apprecaite my vision already, dont fix it if it aint broke), day vison, and bright sunny days are beautifuly sharp, i wouldnt even mind getting special glasses ( non prescription of course) that are made to reduce glare at night or in dark enviros..

thanks for reading, hope to hear from you guys soon
I can't be sure about this but, I think you are still in the healing period. I know I remember a doctor telling me that it can take even as long as 18 months for some people to heal which I have to imagine includes glare and starbursts at night. But, to be sure that there is nothing to worry about, you might just go see your regular eye doc and tell him or her about the glare/ghosting/etc... Tell him or her that you had Lasik and just have him or her do a really thorough exam on your eyes. I think that it is possible for it to take quite some time to get rid of that ghosting/glare/etc...Some people are fortunate enough not to have it at all or not for very long. I still have some star bursts but, I did before I got my surgery and have never lived a day in my life without them so, they don't bother me. And, while I can't remember how bad they were pre-op, I think they are better post-op.

Anyway, I am glad to hear that you are doing well post-op as far as your vision at night. One question I have is whether you are using any drops now? If not, you might get a preservative free drop like Systane and try using it for a while because, your eyes can be a little dry and you might never feel it at all. So, give that a shot if you aren't already.

Nice to see you on the board again! Stay in touch and let us know how everything pans out!
My symptoms are the same as JoseAcosta. I am 2 months post op and loving it. The halo's and glare doesnt really bother, in fact it has actually gotten better as I have always had the glare from the glasses. I have no dry eye symptoms, at least nothing different then from before. I used to always wake up with dry eyes before surgery. Now I rarely wake up with dry eyes because I am using drops before bed.

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