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All of this stuff is fascinating.

Prodgirl, dry eyes. Mine can be MILDLY dry at the end of a day wearing contacts. I think all the little annoyances with contacts will help me deal with some of the annoyances after lasik. Some blurred vision, some halos in night driving, some dry eye. I have all of that now with contacts! I'm in Chicago, winters can be dry...but we have plenty of humidity all spring and summer.

Hating Glasses...the small eye thing. I don't know. I never thought of my eyes as small. Small is relative. The nurse who told me my eyes were small had some bug eyes of her own (LOL) so sure, my eyes ARE small compared to hers. We'll see. Time will tell. But everyone I've talked to, even family members, have said that ring is the worst part. It's uncomfy. And, not being able to blink no matter what is UNNATURAL and a very odd sensation. But...again, I'm only having one eye done. I can deal with anything for 2 minutes or 5 minutes or however long it takes.

On the other hand, it's interesting they can numb your eye but not the area AROUND your eye. You figure if the general area was numb, nothing would hurt. Kind of like novicane at the dentist...for one filling, I lose feeling in half of my face! Whatever pill they give me ahead of time to relax will take the edge off the discomfort from the ring. Like you said though, make sure I take it well beforehand...not just minutes before.

Yeah...I was told no sweaters. Don't use any lotion or hairspray the day of the procedure. OBVIOUSLY no make up. They must have these "Restrictions" for a reason and I am happy to oblige for the day (and the week post with no make up). My doctor is a good one, again...that's a relative term. But he's done area newscasters, a couple hockey players, SUPPOSEDLY Tiger Woods. My main reason for searching him out was because of family. But now that I look into his credentials, I'm pretty impressed. When we're talking eye sight, I am not going to a $399 per eye place.

Then I worry about vision after the fact. I hope Lasik helps me to see as well as I do WITH my contact in. Otherwise, why am I doing this? 20/30 or 20/40 really means nothing to me. All I know is that my bad eye is a -3.75 right now. I want see as well as I do with contacts/glasses...but WITHOUT the contact/glasses! If in the future some reading glasses are needed, that's FINE. But, I want to go about my daily life "just" being able to see.

I sure loved what you wrote...

[QUOTE]Wait until you see the sky with your new sight for the first time! It is so beautiful that it almost hurts. Colors will be so much more vibrant! You won't believe your eyes![/QUOTE]

I'm sorry you're still suffering from dry eyes. I guess the silver lining is that some days are better than others...or you'll have one dry eye and the other one is ok. Again, I only have one to worry about. That cold be good...that could be bad! I WILL stay on top of the drops for as long as need be. At some point I hope to be down to using one or two kinds though, not the FOUR they give me to start with. Vigamox, Econpred Plus, Systane, & Restasis. is day #3 in my glasses and I stumbled across another reason I hate them. It's SUNNY here today, we had a bit of snow. The glare on my ride to work was awful. I don't have perscription I had no shield from the glare!! more thing. I do have a great current eye doc, one I've been going to for years and years. I have some interesting eye history that he totally understands, it's part of why I'm only having one eye done. (Long story short, my 2 eyes don't work together. I can SEE with both eyes, I have good peripheral vision, but my dominant eye is my bad/weak one. The eye I don't rely on is the eye that's near 20/20. When they DO work together, I know it cause I see double for a split second. I had surgery as a toddler for lazy eye...and that was corrected. But the connection with my brain on how to use 2 eyes together never happened) I will continue to use him after all of this is done and I feel confindent he'll be there to walk me thru some things if need be.

I know I'm rambling here...but maybe someone else who's about to have Lasik will read this one day, and also gain some knowledge they can use!

:) Wendy

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