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I have another thing I can tell you about that can either ease your mind or work you up. But, I figure that honesty is the best policy where your eyes are concerned, and the more you know, the better prepared you will be. You said that you have small eyes. I do too. So, I was told that I might have some discomfort as well and I did. But, only in my left eye. I know the ring thing kind of hurt up in the outside corner of my upper eyelid. It wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I think that a Bee sting, a shot or even someone pinching me hurts way worse than the minor pain I had from the ring thing that cuts the flap. I can't remember but, I don't think the clamp thingy hurt at all. It was just an uncomfortable feeling because you can't blink. But, it is so quick. And, I don't think that it will take you 5 minutes for the surgery. Basically, that estimate is kind of skewed. It may take about 2 minutes per eye but, it may even be less than that. I didn't time mine. I can tell you that as it is happening it goes so quick that you really aren't thinking about time. It is really so quick!
That is weird about them telling you to dress warmly. But, that was nice of them to tell you to do that. I get Laser Hair Removal and, they have to keep those laser machines at the perfect temperature or they will malfunction so, it can be cold in the room with the machine. But, again, so many things were running through my mind so, I don't even remember if it was cold. Hehehe! If I remember correctly, I wore a white sweater and a cute little scarf. But, that is good that they take such care to make sure nothing goes wrong for you that they even restrict what you wear! How great! Your doc sounds really thorough!

Now, as for the dryness, I am one of those people that have had dry eye issues since my surgery. I am nearly 11 months post-op and I still fight the dry eyes but, over the past 2 weeks, it has all gotten tons better. Some people have the dry eye problem and others don't. You may be lucky. I can suggest that you keep on with the eye drops for a while after the time your doc has told you to stop using them. Unless you feel you can go without them.

Something else I forgot to tell you is that your eyes will heal at different speeds so, your left may be great one day and your right really annoying, dry, blurry, etc...and then the next day it is vice versa day. You may have a really great day one day and not so great the next. Our bodies are not perfect. Even right now, your eyes are moody. You just probably don't notice it. And, your vision right now is fluctuating. Again, you probably just don't notice it. But, when it happens after surgery, you may get scared or nervous and start to worry. Don't! Just know that it is all a normal part of the healing process. But, if you find yourself worried, go see your doc. They are there to get you through the surgery and the aftercare. And, if you don't already have a good regular eye doc, get one. Go see him or her after your surgery. Maybe not right away after. But, some time after, just go and make sure that they give you a thorough exam to make sure that everything is great. And, that have your new vision on file. My Lasik doc told me to get on record with a reg eye doc between my 6 and 9 month mark. Plus, given that a reg eye doc is an unbiased party, they are more likely to pay slightly closer attention and give you a little more time to talk out your concerns if you have any.

Wait until you see the sky with your new sight for the first time! It is so beautiful that it almost hurts. Colors will be so much more vibrant! You won't believe your eyes!

Ok...I think that is all for now!
I know you aren't concerned with the after yet but, I just wanted to toss some after knowledge at you so you are well prepared for everything that you have to look forward to.

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