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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to post an update. I had my Custom Lasik done on 12-2 and I could not be happier. So far, so good. GREAT actually. The procedure was easy, I don't know what I was so worked up about. But the worry and anticipation was the worst part. The Lasik part was easy! The clamp to keep my lids open didn't hurt, the suction ring didn't bother me. I was under the laser for 31 seconds...and the whole process took about 4 minutes, maybe less. (I only needed one eye done.)

I went home and slept. Mye eye was sore before my nap, watery, red. My vision was like looking thru a piece of saran wrap.....a bit blurry. By the time I got up for dinner, I was seeing wonderfully.

I had my post op appt Saturday morning at 9:30 and my vision is 20/15. I'm exstatic, the doctor is happy, I realize I may regress or have days of fuzzy vision, but so far so good. Drops are my friends. I'm a little dry, but nothing even as bad as a "dirty/dry contact day"

I will say that I researched this office and my doctor A LOT. I went by word of mouth and family members. When we're talking sight, I wasn't lookin for a deal. My procedure was VERY PRICEY...for Customvue Wavefront Lasik on one eye...$2600. But...if things continue like this? It's WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Thanks to everyone who posted here before my procedure. I'll be checking back, checking on everyone, adding updates if things change. (I HOPE NOT!)

I know it's early, but I feel confident I'll be in the group of people who say Lasik is the best thing I ever did for myself.

There's NOTHING like sharp, clear glasses, no contacts. I CAN SEE!! No halos at night. No ghosting. Again, I went to the best in my area. I paid for the best. And...It's sooo worth it.

:) Wendy

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