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I don't know what I can post either. But let me just tell you...I had realistic expectations before I did this. I was nervous.

I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL things have gone for me. I haven't had a second of reget. My vision was 20/15 the morning after my lasik. I've had no pain. No real dry eyes. No headaches. I know everyone is different. Every eye is unique before and after Lasik.

I had a check up last week and I am still 20/15...which is sharper than 20/20.

I will see if I can put my email in my profile here and you can email me.

In the meantime all I can say to everyone is do research. You get what you pay for. The last thing I'd do is go to a facility that was sending me flyers in the mail for $399 an eye.

Do a google search on Louis Probst and I think you'll find all you need. I got his name from a family member and after I read up on his experience, creditentials, I was very impressed.

Mods, take the name out if need be. I didn't post a website or anything. I hope a name is ok.

EDITED TO ADD...I just found this info on what we can post...

"You may always name products or services and tell your opinions about them. Naming a book title and author, or a doctor's name w/city/state is OK, just do not post any off-board contact information; again, on-board sharing only."

Doctor's name with city and state.

Dr. Louis Probst who has offices in Westchester, IL. He has a website that will link you to his local office info/name.

:) Wendy

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