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The clamp is the worst of it. But, if you aren't really all that freaked out about having someone touch your eyelids, you will be even better than I was. Trust me, that was the thing that freaked me out the most but, once it is done, you will realize that there was nothing to worry about. Don't worry about focusing on the little red light either. Most, if not all, Lasik machines are built with tracking devices so, as my doc told me, even if your eye is all over the room, the laser will be able to track it and, I think they are all set to stop if your eyes get too out of hand. They made the machines like that specifically because, all people have a shake in their eyes. But, it is so fast and so small that we don't notice it. There are a few people in the world whose eyes you can actually see shaking. But, that is rare. And, your doc will tell you if you need to refocus. As far as the "black" vision, that is while the flap is being cut and the ring will be on your eye at that point. The ring goes around the outside perimeter of your eye inside your open eye lids and it sucks onto your eye basically holding it in place so that the cut is precise. Don't worry about that at all. The ring controls your eye and you don't need to focus. And, it is good that you know that your vision will go black because, I am sure that that could scare the heck out of someone who didn't know. As for the sound, I don't know if I had some weird reaction to my own fear but, I could barely hear my doctor or anything else. It kind of sounded like I was in a vacuum. It may have been the noise of the machine or, like I said, my own racing mind.

Make sure you take the Valium or whatever they give you, enough minutes before your surgery to make sure it sets in. They gave me mine about 1 minute before I went in so, I didn't have the benefit of the valium. I was a nervous wreck. They even gave me a stuffed dog to hug. If I would have hugged it any tighter, I might have decapitated it. Hehehe! But, seriously, your mind is your worst enemy. It is worth it and nothing to fear. So simple and quick!

As for the smell, I can't remember for sure if I smelled anything. I think I might have because I seem to think that the smell is something like when your teeth are getting drilled. Nothing overwhelmingly nauseating. Kind of smokey. Don't worry about it because you may not even notice it at all because of all the thoughts that are flying through your head.

If your doc's office has a "FishBowl", where you can watch the surgeries be performed before yours, take advantage of it. Before I decided to have my eyes done, the sight and thought of people who jokingly turn their eyelids inside out would put my spine into a tail spin and I would get goose bumps for eons. The thought of watching the surgery made me nauseous. But, then I just sucked it up and did it. I saw about 15 surgeries before mine. Each one got easier to watch and each one built my confidence and dropped my nerves. So, if you can watch them, do it! It is a great pychological confidence builder! I can't even imagine what kind of a state I would have been in if I wasn't able to see those surgeries before mine. I got to see how the clamp worked, how the flap was cut, and how the entire procedure was performed.

Ok...I think I have covered everything. Don't drive yourself. Have someone else take care of you. Put your tush to bed when you get home so that you sleep off any post numbness discomfort. I know is seems like that might be impossible but, you are so hyped up before the surgery that your adrenaline will be pumping and by the time you lie down, you will be tired because the adrenaline will be gone and leave you feeling sleepy. I would say about 6 hours post-op, any fuzziness was gone and I was seeing perfectly. So, that being said, don't expect to leave the bed and walk out into the waiting room being able to see perfectly. You will probably be blurry. The dilations drops, numbing drops and simple trauma of it will make you a little bleary eyed. Sleep it off, and when you wake up, you may still have some blurriness but, it does clear up.

Hmmm...I can't think of anything else but, if I do, I'll make another post!

Good luck and happy new vision!

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