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Re: One eye or Two?
Dec 16, 2005
1) Does one get both eyes corrected at the same time or does it need to be staggered? A family member had Lasik a few years back and she had to have one eye done and then wait a few weeks for the next one to be done. I was wondering if it is now possible to have both done at the same time.

[B]You get both eyes at the same time. I don't believe they do one eye at a time anymore. [/B]

2) How long until I will be able to drive (safely)? I travel a bit for work and I'm trying to guage how long I will be without wheels.

[B]I wait about 2 days to drive. I could have driven to my follow-up appointment the next day, but my eyes were still sore.[/B]

3) What is the range of cost for this procedure. I've heard anywhere from 2k-4k. I have alot of $aving to do.

[B]I believe mine was about $2,200. I got a really good laser and a lifetime enhancement plan. The lifetime enhancement plan is worth the money, IMO. I had to have an enhancement about 5 months after having LASIK, so it already paid for itself.[/B]

[B]Good luck! This was the best money I ever spent and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat![/B]

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