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hey hating glasses! I talked to you a long time ago, think i was on the piercedlip81 name then maybe? I dunno, either way...the eyepatch thing may work. It just sucks being 20/20 left which is perfect, then 20/15 on the right eye. I call my right eye my cyborg eye hah. but maybe that would work with the patch. How often does/did he wear it? I wonder if it would help it become stronger, or put more stress on it? Did a doctor tell him to do this , or he do it on his own? kind of makes sense though.

I was reading online about the eye exercise stuff, and how people did them and were able to increase their eyesight! Maybe I could just strengthen my eye muscles enough to make the left eye keep up better I hope!

Another thing is sometimes i feel like i have that droopy eye thing going on with the left eye...Because sometimes it looks like it does hang a little lower, but maybe cause its more stressed out. I dunno though....

Lemme know about the patch, I may wanna try that!

You were Piercedlip back then. I do remember you!

As for the patch, my hubby uses it every day and has for as long as I have known him...going on 9 years. But, if you do use the patch, it may not be a lifetime thing for you since your problem is in your sight. Since his has to do with a lazy eye, his is a different reason all together to need every day. As far as whether his doctor told him to use a patch, I don't know. He is a little sensitive about his eyes so, I don't ask too many questions.

Fortunately, the patches are really inexpesive so, if you get one and it ends up not working for you, you didn't pay more for it like you would for a pair of glasses with one lense or one contact. Just consider trying it for a few months. It may not even take that long to fix it if it can. My eyesight is slightly varied from each other as well but, I don't notice it too much. Only now and then when I am thinking about.

Hehehehe about the Cyborg eye! You could also call it your Eagle Eye!

Anyway, another thing with the patch is that my hubby only wears it when he is in the house watching tv, reading a book or on the computer. He doesn't have to wear it in public or even all day. So, if you were worried that it is something you need to wear all the time until the problem is fixed, don't! Just wear it when you feel like it.

And, you may talk to your doctor to see if he or she thinks that a patch may help. But, you never know what they might say so, you may just give it a shot for a little while. It can't hurt.

Take care and let me know of your progress Cyborg! Hehehehe!
i hate it because mornings and thru mid day my eyes are bad somewhat fuzzy/irritated still.

like from 9am-5pm they are irritating, somewhat of a headache, and i load em with drops thru the morning with liquigel.

By the time 9pm rolls around I feel great and lose mostly all fuzzyness/offbalance feeling.

My night time vision is superb! I can soo really good, like a rainy night I can see every way in the road and the reflections of lights on the ground is amazing.

I wonder sometimes if im not too sensitive to light and the night time my eyes work better and the drops set in.

Sometimes i also wonder if I have droopy eyelid on the left eye. Sometimes it seems to hang a little, but only on certain days. Maybe its just the days it strains more it hangs. I dunno if that'd effect eyesight though....
Hey jeriz7 the dizzy part i dont really get, but kinda know what you mean. It was weird, i used to play video games a lot when i was like 12-18yrs old, and kinda quit playing them due to interest. My friend got that xbox 360 and my eyes felt almost cross eyed after i left from playing it for a few hours. but after i drove home they felt better and strong again lol.

the closeup thing i might know...sometimes i feel like my right eye is sharper and the left is sharp too but closer viewing...usually notice it when its dry maybe.

i think a lot has to do with the weather and winter here because at night they get dry even with ointment and as the day goes on it gets clearer...

my doc said to get .5+ computer glasses, so i went in and they let me try some lenses off the machine and hold em in front of my eyes and it wasnt worth the $100 to me...but the headaches i get suck...i just try to sit farther away and take breaks more often.

i have a good week, then a bad week...its weird. a lot is with sinus pressure too i think...i have a lot at night and it makes the headaches worse. so i take some headache pills and it helps...the eye exercises seem to help too! i close my eyes and do the fake clock from 1-2-3-4 and look as far as i can in each direction, then center. 1-center 2-center, etc. and put on this heated eye/sinus mask my mom got me...i hope my body will adjust to them and i started using eye drops more because i think they are drier than i thought...


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