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Ok this is about 1 year since my lasik give or take a few days...a few symptoms i have lately are...

-sore eye muscles (when I look hard left or right eye muscles are sore like if you exercise and they are sore the next day, but not as severe)

-facial pressure/headaches (under my eyes mostly)

-dry eyes in the morning (think this is due to winter and the heater at night?)

So I go to my surgeron and he says I have dry eye in some spots and to try thera tears nutrition.

I am on the computer mon-fri 9-6 every day, with minor breaks here and there...he said its probably due to a lot of eye strain. He prescribed me a .5+ reading glass for the computer. Said it would relieve some eye tension, what do u think of that?

I am 20/20 left eye and 20/15 right eye. I still sometimes think my eyes are just still not used to seeing so perfect. I used to be -3.75 and -3.5 nearly my whole life, and this change is maybe still taking effect on my eye muscles?

Any input on people with 1 year+ after stories? These effects mostly hurt my left ey, and maybe because its just slightly less strong, and they will not even think to redo the eye if its 20/20 just so i can 20/15 in both eyes...I've been trying eye exercises where u look up,side,down like an imaginary clock to see if it helps strengthen my eye muscles maybe...

Any input would be awesome!

Sure being on the computer daily so much doesnt help. My focal point went from like 1 foot to nearly infinite..when I look out into the distance, the fartherest tree I look at is still clear (i cant count the leaves, but i still can see it without it being blurry)


-Ryan aka PiercedLip81
hey hating glasses! I talked to you a long time ago, think i was on the piercedlip81 name then maybe? I dunno, either way...the eyepatch thing may work. It just sucks being 20/20 left which is perfect, then 20/15 on the right eye. I call my right eye my cyborg eye hah. but maybe that would work with the patch. How often does/did he wear it? I wonder if it would help it become stronger, or put more stress on it? Did a doctor tell him to do this , or he do it on his own? kind of makes sense though.

I was reading online about the eye exercise stuff, and how people did them and were able to increase their eyesight! Maybe I could just strengthen my eye muscles enough to make the left eye keep up better I hope!

Another thing is sometimes i feel like i have that droopy eye thing going on with the left eye...Because sometimes it looks like it does hang a little lower, but maybe cause its more stressed out. I dunno though....

Lemme know about the patch, I may wanna try that!


It sounds like we have a lot in common but my end results may be much worse. Like yourself, I never had 20/20 vision since I was a kid and since about 17 years old, was about -625 left and about -675 right eye. I am sure it was over -6 and under - 7. It has now been 4 years and nothing but problems and misery for me. I had lasik 3 times with the initial surgery early 2001 which resulted in some regression ending up with 20/50 and 20/60 or so. I wish I left it at that. But nnnooooo, I went for a "re-touch about 7 months later or end of 2001 which is when my problems started. I also work on the computer at least 10 hours per day. First of all, I believe the prescription is wrong. The outcome was 20/20 and 20/15 but with the following problems:

(1) extreme dizziness with headaches and tired eyes. Dryness is not much of problems but I do occasionally use eye drops. [B]The dizziness is what is making me so miserable[/B]
(2) objections seem to appear to be "too up close" if that makes sense.
(3) feeling of inbalance.

There are months I seem to be able to live with it and hoping "my brain would get used to it." But it seems to be getting worse. I was 43 when I had the initial surgery and now just turned 47. I understand the reading part will eventually come but even distance vision makes we dizzy.

I wish I left it after the first lasik surgery!

During the last 2 years, I have gone to several lasik surgeons and one was willing to do further lasik with the goal I would lose distance vision and gain some reading vision. But he was reluctant and told me to wait 6 months. All other surgeons said I didn't have enough cornea thickness for further surgery with the last one (about 2 weeks ago) telling me I had a 20% chance both distance and reading vision could become worse. (Each consultation cost me $450-$500 each but the cost didn't faze me. I am miserable and desparate.)

About a week ago, I got "computer glasses" which did provide some relief and made it much easier to work. You might want to try this out.

Do you have any of my symptoms specifically the dizziness and objections appearing to be too up close? Would anyone out there have any suggestions for me and even another referral to another doctor? I will in California but if anyone out of state can help me, I would be willing to travel the distance.

Thanks to all for whatever help you can recommend. And Merry Christmas!

Hey jeriz7 the dizzy part i dont really get, but kinda know what you mean. It was weird, i used to play video games a lot when i was like 12-18yrs old, and kinda quit playing them due to interest. My friend got that xbox 360 and my eyes felt almost cross eyed after i left from playing it for a few hours. but after i drove home they felt better and strong again lol.

the closeup thing i might know...sometimes i feel like my right eye is sharper and the left is sharp too but closer viewing...usually notice it when its dry maybe.

i think a lot has to do with the weather and winter here because at night they get dry even with ointment and as the day goes on it gets clearer...

my doc said to get .5+ computer glasses, so i went in and they let me try some lenses off the machine and hold em in front of my eyes and it wasnt worth the $100 to me...but the headaches i get suck...i just try to sit farther away and take breaks more often.

i have a good week, then a bad week...its weird. a lot is with sinus pressure too i think...i have a lot at night and it makes the headaches worse. so i take some headache pills and it helps...the eye exercises seem to help too! i close my eyes and do the fake clock from 1-2-3-4 and look as far as i can in each direction, then center. 1-center 2-center, etc. and put on this heated eye/sinus mask my mom got me...i hope my body will adjust to them and i started using eye drops more because i think they are drier than i thought...


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