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I had my one week checkup yesterday. I was 20/20 in my right eye and 20/25 in the left. I have been concerned about the blurriness especially in the morning and most especially when I'm trying to look at my computer monitor. I hope it will clear up in the next several weeks. At least that's what I've been told. Does anyone have experience with this? Does it get better with time? I also have difficulty with car headlights coming towards me. They look like starbursts coming at me. The streetlights also look the same way even the lights on the Christmas tree. For the most part I'm satisfied, but I am concerned about this blurry/hazy effect. I have increased the amount of drops I put in my eye as the doctor suggested. I haven't really felt like I had a problem with dry eyes other than first thing in the morning. Also does anyone have a suggestion on the best drops to use? I was told to make sure I use the preservative-free drops for at least the next 3 weeks.

Thanks for any suggestions
your def still healing. my eyesight flucated for a long time and still does 1 year later. the mornings are the worst. i got some of the eye gel for night and its helped. i put it in my lower eyelid at night..keeps em moist more at night w/ this cold weather i think and the heater. the best drops i found are the refresh tears liqigel. its real thick and makes your eyes blurry for a little its so thick, but coats em real good...only thing is your like me and one eye is slightly better and it may irritate you like me sometimes. my left is 20/20 and right is 20/15 and sometimes i can notice it....but hopefully i will get used to it in time.

I had lasik surgery five weeks ago approx. and please make sure you use the eye drops every 15 mins or so. I bought a small kitchen timer to keep my drops regular and I think this has helped immensely. Also use the eye ointment at night as this will keep them moist overnight. You will have blurry days and yes it will take time to heal.

I still have blurry times and I think this will heal with time. The doctor I went to puts plugs in everyones eyes to help prevent dry eyes. Ask your doctor about that on your next visit.
Good luck and keep putting those drops in.
Audrey :wave:

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