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Repeated lasik
Dec 28, 2005
Hello. I am a 22 year old female. I have had bad eye sight most of my life, and continues to get worse. Nowadays, every year that I see the doctor my perscription doubles in strength. I have astigmatisms in both eyes. I would like to get the lasik surgery done. However, I have read that it only lasts about 5 years, which means I would have to get it done approximately 14 times before I die. Now, this does not sound good to me. Would I get a buildup of scar tissue in the eye that would damage my sight more than the astigmatism? How does this weigh out? Thanks a bunch!
Re: Repeated lasik
Dec 28, 2005
you shouldnt have to get it every 5 years. its suppose to last if your a good candidate. I am 24 and was told my distance vision should last, but when i get older i may need reading glasses still...if your eyes keep getting worse, maybe what they meant is there would be a chance of regression. Myself my eyes peeked off and stopped changing prescription for quite a few years, so the surgery was ideal i thought....but see a doctor as they can tell u for sure.
Re: Repeated lasik
Jan 14, 2006
I had lasik about 5 years ago and I never heard that it would need to be repeated. I was however considered a very good canidate for the surgery. Neither my eye doctor nor the lasik surgeon ever mentioned needing to have it redone. They did say that when I started to get into my 40's that my eyes would change as most people's do. That is when most people start to need reading glasses. And now there is a new procedure that I can have to correct that as well. If I need it I will get that done as well.

So far (5 years later) lasik has worked out great for me. I have had no decline in vision. I only have one problem and that is at night I get that halo around lights if my eyes become dry. That has happened since day one, nothing new, and I was told that this was a risk. The key is to keep the eyes moist, especially in winter when the cold air really zaps the moisture out of them.

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